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I'm trying to center a View vertically on screen with the following layout:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<LinearLayout xmlns:android="http://schemas.android.com/apk/res/android"
	android:layout_height="fill_parent" >
		android:text="example text"  
		android:layout_gravity="center_vertical" />

However it doesn't work. The EditText is still at the top of the screen. Can someone explain what I'm doing wrong here?

NOTE: if I add center_horizontal to the layout_gravity attribute then it centers it horizontally, but still does not center vertically.

UPDATE: using android:gravity="center_vertical" on the parent worked. I still don't understand why android:layout_gravity="center_vertical" on the child didn't work.

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i have this exactly problem, like you said in your update.. I'm looking everywhere to find it but no answer.. Have you figured it out yet? By definition, layout_gravity should do what we want but it doesn't work –  Tolga E Nov 11 '11 at 14:42

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I track the answer on Google groups, here it is © Romain Guy:

Well, first of all RelativeLayout ignores layout_gravity. Then you need to know that gravity means "apply gravity to the content of this view" whereas layout_gravity means "apply gravity to this view within its parent." So on a TextView, gravity will align the text within the bounds of the TextView whereas layout_gravity will align the TextView within the bounds of its parent.

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That doesn't seem to conflict with what I'm saying above (especially in the "UPDATE"), but it doesn't work right. –  fiXedd Nov 6 '09 at 7:41
How is this an answer to the mentioned problem? The OP is not using a RelativeLayout at all, and it doesn't answer why it doesn't work. –  Michel Jung Nov 14 '14 at 11:17

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