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Thanks for reading my question!

I have a 5-part tabbar which I use for app navigation, the center tab is covered by a UIButton and is slightly larger (much like the instagram app). This works fine.

But what I want is the far right tab bar item to show a overlaying menu when clicked. I don't want it to switch to a viewcontroller with a menu. I want the menu to be displayed no matter which of the other views you're in at the moment. So I want it to act much like a button which is in the tabbar. But I have no idea how to go about doing this.

Should I use a overlaying button over the tabbaritem or should I catch the tabbarclick, but how can I prevent the view from changing in that case?

Thanks you for any help!

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You need to implement UITabBarDelegate. Then override tabBar:didSelectItem: and implement your custom displaying here. See below for reference

Then i would just make a custom UIView and fade it in when that specific tagged UITabBarItem is pressed.

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It works good thanks! Just one thing: When I press the tabbar item it still switches viewcontroller. Is there any way to prevent this? – PaperThick May 27 '13 at 13:54

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