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I have a data frame like this

    df <- data.frame(letters=letters[1:5], numbers=seq(1:5))

and lets say that I want to extram the first column into a list

firstColumn <- df[,1]

>  firstColumn[[1]]
[1] a
Levels: a b c d e

Problème is I want to remove the level to have a string

any help please ?


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There is no list in your question. firstColumn is a vector. In your own interest you should learn proper terminology. – Roland May 27 '13 at 10:47
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If I understand your question, you're trying to convert to character.


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Either define your variable as character from the beginning :

df <- data.frame(letters=letters[1:5], numbers=seq(1:5), stringsAsFactors=FALSE)

Or convert it afterwards :

firstColumn <- as.character(df[,1])
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