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I'm having a string with <link rid="bib*">222</link> and <link rid="fig1">333</link> now i want to replace all the occurance of the above text with rid="bib*", with <CITATION id="CD1">222</CITATION> and replace all the occurance of the text with rid="fig*" , with <FigRef id="fig*">222</FigRef>.

i tried something like this

var reg = new Regex(@"\<link rid=""bib(?<myText>.+?)""\>(?<myText2>.+?)\</link\>$");

but i dont know how to proceed with this and got stuck. Please help me with this.

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Can you please provide a solved example? – NeverHopeless May 27 '13 at 10:55

Here is a solution based a very similar regex:

private const string REGEX_LINK = @"<link\s+rid=""([^""\d]+)(\d+)"">(.*?)</link>";
private const int REGEX_LINK_GRP_RID_NAME = 1;
private const int REGEX_LINK_GRP_RID_ID = 2;
private const int REGEX_LINK_GRP_VALUE = 3;

static void Main(string[] args)
    var testInputString = "I'm having a string with <link rid=\"bib123\">222</link> and <link rid=\"fig456\">333</link> now i want to replace all the occurances...";
    Regex linkFinder = new Regex(REGEX_LINK, RegexOptions.IgnoreCase);
    var result = linkFinder.Replace(testInputString, new MatchEvaluator(LinkMatchEvaluator));

private static string LinkMatchEvaluator(Match m)
    const string CITATION_RID_NAME = "bib";
    const string FIGREF_RID_NAME = "fig";

    var ridName = m.Groups[REGEX_LINK_GRP_RID_NAME].Value.ToLower();
    var ridID = m.Groups[REGEX_LINK_GRP_RID_ID].Value;
    var value = m.Groups[REGEX_LINK_GRP_VALUE].Value;
    if (ridName == CITATION_RID_NAME)
        return String.Format("<CITATION id=\"CD{0}\">{1}</CITATION>", ridID, value);
    else if (ridName == FIGREF_RID_NAME)
        return String.Format("<FigRef id=\"fig{0}\">{1}</FigRef>", ridID, value);
    return m.Value;
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Thanks for your reply guys. Finally i found the solution for my own question.Now i got the solution for the problem i had. I solved it like this.

   public enum intLinks
        bib = 1,
        fig = 2,

This is the method to replace the content with the matching pattern.

   public string NumberedReplaceTest(string input, intLinks refToFind)
        //"<link rid=\"bib1\">1</link>"
        Regex regex = new Regex(@"<link rid=""" + refToFind.ToString() + @"(?<sequence>\d*)"">(\r?\n)*(?<number>[a-zA-Z0-9]*)(\r?\n)*</link>");
        if (!regex.IsMatch(input))
            return input;

        switch (refToFind)
            case intLinks.bib: return regex.Replace(input, "<Citation CID=\"CR${sequence}\">${number}</Citation>");
            case intLinks.fig: return regex.Replace(input, "<InternalRef RefID=\"Fig${sequence}\">${number}</InternalRef>");
            case return regex.Replace(input, "<InternalRef RefID=\"Tab${sequence}\">${number}</InternalRef>");
            case intLinks.tb: return regex.Replace(input, "<InternalRef RefID=\"Tab${sequence}\">${number}</InternalRef>");
            default: return input;


I'm calling the method like this.

        bodyString = NumberedReplaceTest(bodyString,intLinks.bib);
        bodyString = NumberedReplaceTest(bodyString, intLinks.fig);
        bodyString = NumberedReplaceTest(bodyString,;
        bodyString = NumberedReplaceTest(bodyString, intLinks.tb);` 
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