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I have followed structure of mongoDB:

  • DB name: bios
  • user: "fess"
  • password: "boo"
  • IP:
  • collection name: bios2

From MongoVUE:

enter image description here

This is my snippets of PHP code:

$db = new Mongo('mongodb://fess:boo@');

// if i remove "bios" it asks default db name

$collection_bios2 = $db->bios2;

$cursor_bios2 = $collection_bios2->find(); // <- here I get error
//  PHP Fatal error:  Call to undefined method MongoDB::find()


Why I get this error?
I saw other examples and seems that $collection_bios2 should be collection.


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Do you select db? such as

$mongo = new Mongo();
// the following two lines are equivalent
$db = $mongo->selectDB("foo");
$db = $mongo->foo;
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Found the problem. In order to create connection only, 1st off I need create user/pswd for admin:

Through mongoDB CLI:

 > use admin
 > addUSer("fess", "boo");

Actually I had user only for bios DB

Otherwise it will drop me error:

Error connecting to MongoDB server Failed to connect to: Authentication failed on database 'admin' with username 'fess': auth fails


        // here we create just client (for admin aka root)
        $m = new MongoClient('mongodb://fess:boo@');

        // and switch to "bios" 
        $db = $m->selectDB("bios");

        $list = $db->listCollections();
        foreach ($list as $collection) {
             Log::Debug(get_class() . " -> testMongoDB", "feederliteRC/U", array("Output" => "collection: $collection"));


         //$db = new Mongo('mongodb://max:bagabu@');

         //$collection_bios = $db->bios;
         $collection_bios2 = $db->bios2;


 "collection: bios.bios2"
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