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How do I avoid doing this?

if boolean_array[day] && boolean_array[day][slot] && boolean_array[day][slot].zero?
  # boolean_array[day][slot] element exists
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Basically, you want an andand method. You can then do if boolean_array[day].andand[slot].andand.zero?.

Raganwald has one popular implementation.

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Looks like the answer. Mind waiting to see if anybody else has some other suggestion? –  Alexandre Nov 4 '09 at 23:33

I like Chuck's andand. I suppose you could also use the low-priority and to do it in plain Ruby, at least there would be no parens:

>> day = slot = 1; boolean_array = [[], [1,2]]

>> if t = boolean_array[day] and t = t[slot] and t = t.class
>>   puts t
>> end
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One alternative is to use an inline rescue:

boolean_array[day][slot].zero? rescue nil
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This is how I do it, too. –  glenn mcdonald Nov 5 '09 at 2:24

if possible, initialize the days and that way you can do the check for boolean_array[day][slot].nil?

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You can do it without additional gems. Depending on what you have as the value, change to_i to to_f, etc.

if boolean_array[day].to_a[slot].to_i.zero?
  # boolean_array[day][slot] element exists
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