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I got all the steps from the article and followed to do the same on the Android phone.

Now my question is will I be able host some web pages and use Android phone as a web server. If any one tried please let me the solution for hosting web-site and the performance.

Update: Able to host on IP: But, Does anyone tried to use phone as a fully fledged web server, I mean to get an address of external IPv4?

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Keep in mind that even if you set it up correctly, your cell service provider might have a firewall that will block incoming connections. – Paul Jul 27 '13 at 3:55
If network provider blocks, then what service is actually provided? only to browser through net? I have hosted on machine it works with same network provider.. So, if its on mobile. what makes difference to network provider to block incoming requests? I believe It cant be blocked that way.. But thanks for your time in understanding & for your kind inputs... – Amol M Kulkarni Jul 29 '13 at 7:17
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I wanted to do something similar with a little more flexibility. I wanted to be able to run any kind of server on my android.

This is the approach I went with.

  1. Setup Debian Kit on your Android (this basically runs a full debian linux distribution on your android)
  2. Setup Node.js on the debain environment (just like you would on any linux distribution)
  3. Run your server!!!!

Since you have a full debian distribution on your phone, what you can do with it is limitless. I was able to setup remote desktop with an ssh server, allowing me to remotely manage the debain server on my android. In your situation, you could setup a web server or even use node.js for your web server on your android.

Hope this helps :)

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