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I am starting to work on iPad application which was created in 2011 for iOS 3.2. Now I would like to upgrade the application to be able to work properly on iOS 6.1 and also add some new features. What are your advices to do these tasks? Main points that I capture so far as:

  1. Add storyboard

  2. Remove xibs

  3. Fix .m/.h missing file errors

Do you know when I add the storyboard if it is going to be updated with my app screens automatically? Or do I have to introduce the screen all the properties one by one?

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You'd have to add your screens into the storyboard one-by-one yourself. But you can carry on using XIBs just fine - there's absolutely no reason you have to have a Storyboard, unless there's some specific reason you need it. I generally don't use them very much, even in iOS 7-only apps.

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