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I have a 54x2 character matrix(totallist) which stores the locations of different input files. I've declared a function inside which I've a loop wherein row by row values are extracted from the 54x2 character matrix, stored in a data frame(named ACC) and then subsetting is done.

[1] "stock" "firstsymbol" "date" "dhm" "nooftrades" "totqty" "openprice" "closeprice" "highprice"  
[10] "lowprice" "wtdavgprice" "modeprice" 

Below is the function declaration: I pass totallist as an argument

function (y) 
    for(i in 1:54)
        ACC <- read.delim(y[i,1])
        Acc.sub=subset(ACC,date<=20100331 & dhm%%10000<1531 & date!=20100206,select=c(dhm,closeprice))

I'm getting the following error message:

Error in date <= 20100331 : comparison (4) is possible only for atomic and list types

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