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I have a file, foo.php and it is located inside the bar foler, which is in the root folder of the project.

It was recently deleted by mistake, but I have re-created it, its path inside the folder is bar/foo.php

I have a row in .gitignore, stating that:


The path is correct, but if I run a

git status

the file is shown as a new file. How can I ignore it, if .gitignore fails to ignore it in its current version?

I am developing under Windows 7.

Thanks for any input.

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Did you stage it for commit before you added it to the .gitignore file?

Try the following command:

git rm --cached bar/foo.php

After that it should not be showing anymore when you run a git status if it is in the .gitignore correctly.

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Both answers were correct, but I have chosen this one, because it was more descriptive. However, I have upvoted both. – Lajos Arpad May 27 '13 at 13:54

The File : bar/foo.php

Might still be in the git indexing. You can remove it from indexing by:

git rm --cached bar/foo.php

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