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With my other question: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1672750/c-showing-multiple-xml-data-entires-with-the-same-node-value

I have one more question, in the part:

XmlNodeList allNodes = doc.SelectNodes("/Lessons/Lesson[Date='01/01/2010']");

Is there a way to put a string with a value in it (that I already have setup) in the part '01/01/2010'?

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do you mean use a variable as opposed to a literal value? var myDate = "'01/01/2010'"; and then XmlNodeList allNodes = doc.SelectNodes("/Lessons/Lesson[Date=myDate]"); –  Matt Nov 4 '09 at 23:55

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This simple change would do...

string yourstring = "01/01/2010";

XmlNodeList allNodes = doc.SelectNodes("/Lessons/Lesson[Date='" + yourstring + "']");
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Thanks! Perfect! –  The Woo Nov 4 '09 at 23:56

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