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Here is my problem, I had describe in code project. When I am clicking in an icon it try to open in new page for showing image or pdf or video. But, I don't like this. I like to show that files in my iframe in same page. How can I do this ? My code project link is: Please don't open in new page. Just stay in same page.

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I could suggest using a plugin as it makes things easier.

Alternatively what you want is to change the iframe src.

Using jQuery, you could for example, do something like this

<iframe id="myframe" style="display:none" width="630" height="420"></iframe>
<div class="fileIcon"> 
    <a class="click" onClick="" rel="gallery" href="#">
      <img src="src" title="" width='100' height='100' alt="" />

And JS

  var s =  $(this).find('img').attr('src');
  $('#myframe').attr('src', s).show();


This will get the image src and more it to the iframe

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Give your iframe a name="myframe" then in your target you would use target="myframe"

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