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I have root controller in my AngularJS web application and filter. Filter works if i apply it in the html template, but it doesn't work if i'm trying to apply filter in the controller.

function Controller ( ... deps ...) {
    filter = $filter('my_filter');
    $scope.$apply(function(){$scope.error_message =  filter('ERROR');});

filter must returns simple error string to the <p>, it doesn't work.

If i make:

<p>{{'....' | my_filter}}</p>

It works. Why?

Thank you.

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Don't wrap $scope.error_message = filter('ERROR'); in $scope.$apply - this will cause an error because the Controller is invoked in a digest cycle.

This should work:

function Controller ($filter ... other deps ...) {
  var filter = $filter('my_filter');
  $scope.error_message =  filter('ERROR');
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What if i want to do the exact same thing on a directive? stackoverflow.com/questions/17202242/… –  marceloduende Jun 19 '13 at 23:56

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