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With multiple start points, if i provide the full name (value) of the key 'Name' the cypher query works.

This Works:

start n=node:na('NAME:("JERI, MICHAEL M", "ANDREW, TONNA", "JILLSO, DAVID")')
return n.NAME

Say, if i wish to use wildcards on Name key, something like this:

start n=node:na('NAME:("JERI*", "ANDREW*", "JILLSO*")')
return n.NAME

This doesn't work. It gives me zero rows.

It would be great if someone could help me with the correct way to achieve this.

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I think this may be due to the double quotes, making Lucene query parser 3.6.2 (used in Neo4j 1.9) parse the terms as phrases instead of single terms. And wildcards are only supported for single terms, not phrases.

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