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I try to use AspectJ loadtime-weaving in an applet with jars from my web server as I use a Java reflection call on a library. The name of the class that must be loaded is passed as a parameter. I cannot use compiletime-weaving therefore.
Here is some piece of code of my applet "MyApplet":

URLClassLoader appletClassLoader = (URLClassLoader)
URL[] urlList = appletClassLoader.getURLs();
URL aspectJar = null;
try {
     aspectJar = new URL("https://myserver:8443/MyWebApp/applet/MyApplet.jar/");
} catch (MalformedURLException e1) {
WeavingURLClassLoader weavingClassLoader = new WeavingURLClassLoader(urlList, 
    new URL[]{ aspectJar }, Thread.currentThread().getContextClassLoader());

However, I always get an exception:

org.aspectj.bridge.AbortException: bad aspect library: "/MyWebApp/applet/MyApplet.jar"

I suspect the usage of a file-object in "addAspectLibrary" to be responsible for the problem:

private void addAspectLibrary(String aspectLibraryName) {
    File aspectLibrary = new File(aspectLibraryName);
    if (aspectLibrary.isDirectory() || (FileUtil.isZipFile(aspectLibrary))) {
        try {
            info("adding aspect library: '" + aspectLibrary + "'");
        } catch (IOException ex) {

            error("exception adding aspect library: '" + ex + "'");
    } else {
        error("bad aspect library: '" + aspectLibrary + "'");

It cuts down the URL and then looks on the harddisk for this file where it cannot find it. Has anybody a solution to make it running though?

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I think this is a bug in AspectJ and raised one in Bugzilla.

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Thank you. I was not sure whether to consider it as a bug. –  mmirwaldt Jun 5 '13 at 17:13

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