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I encoutered that using Canvas.drawPath(path,paint) is significantly slower than Canvas.drawLine() in a row or using Canvas.drawLines() instead. I can't give exact performance data, but I noticed on a Nexus 10 that the drawing was really slow (<10 FPS) by using path, while using drawLines was much smoother. Is there some implementation wrong or maybe a parameter to speed up the performance of this? As of now, I can't use drawPath() at all since the performance is such weak.

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Sorry cant leave a comment. drawPath() is making a lot more extra calls. Path is an object and not an array. Can you even imagine all of the extra calls that are made. It is a Paint required method. It is not good for fast multiple line drawing. It is meant more for painting.

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I was having an issue with drawPath as well (especially on my Nexus 10). My issue came down to I was setting a

strokePaint.setMaskFilter(new BlurMaskFilter(16f, BlurMaskFilter.Blur.NORMAL));

which made the performance horrible. 45 milliseconds execution to for Canvas.drawPath. Once I removed it I was getting execution times between 2-4 milliseconds

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