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I'm trying to plot large numbers on the x axis using the interactive mode, and instead of the full number on the ticks, i get 1, 1.5 and so on and +5.043e3. how can i display the full number?

After defining the plt.ion(), i have this inside a loop:

plt.xlabel("Wavelength (angstroms)")
plt.ylabel("Arbitrary Flux")
    for e in range(multispec):
    if ( e == 0):
        plt.plot(MX[e],MY[e], 'r-')
plt.axis([n-1, n+1, 0.1, 1.1])

n is other variable defined in a for.

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[copied from How to prevent numbers being changed to exponential form in Python matplotlib figure ]

The formatting of tick labels is controlled by a Formatter object, which assuming you haven't done anything fancy will be a ScalerFormatter[by default][1]. This formatter will use a constant shift if the fractional change of the values visible is very small. To avoid this, simply turn it off:

plt.plot(arange(0,100,10) + 1000, arange(0,100,10))
ax = plt.gca()

If you want to avoid scientific notation in general,

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it didn't work, but in stackoverflow.com/questions/14711655/… the other procedure worked as well. thanks! –  Elvis Cantelli May 27 '13 at 21:10
sorry, miss-read your question. –  tcaswell May 27 '13 at 21:13

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