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I am using Datables for displaying data in my tables.The default behaviour of datatables pagination works properly but my requirement is little different.I am using bServerSide=true. This is what I want to achieve - I want to send the request to fetch 1000 records from database having 10000 records but display only 100 records per page.So ideally it should send the request again to server when I move to 11th page from 10th page.

But every time I click on 2nd,3rd..so on page it requests the server through sAjaxSource..

Can we do this in datatables?

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What you are seeing is the way sAjaxSource is intended for use with datatables...can you explain why a call to 100 rows each page is not sufficient, why 1000 rows broken into 100 rows for 10 pages is optimal? What your suggesting is more of a client side adaptation, defeating the whole purpose of server-processing (large table, return small chunks) –  Jay Rizzi May 29 '13 at 2:44
This is because suppose you have thousands of records in DB, you will not want to hit DB for every 100 records.So best way is to get 1000 records on one hit and as user wants to see only 100 per page show him first 100 records and hit the DB once he has gone through all 1000 for the next 1000. –  SCoder May 29 '13 at 7:44
i'm currently using a datatables server-side implementation for a table that has 100,000 rows, and i return 15 at a time using LIMIT clause (or in my case oracle equivalent) , so i did a quick test , the small subset takes approx 1.3 to 1 second each page click to load, where 1000 records took 8 secs to load initial page. So , I'm going to try pipelining as well that Brett suggested below, I appreciate the pointer to a new direction –  Jay Rizzi May 29 '13 at 13:53
@JayRizzi You can use bDeferRender property of datatables if you use pipelining as it will give a massive performance boost to load table. –  SCoder May 29 '13 at 16:19

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Yes you can. I would suggest looking into Pipelining

All you have to do is modify the call to send the request when it needs it.

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Yes you can do it, I used it in my project.

For my project i used postgresql database + php so this example worked really well: http://www.datatables.net/development/server-side/php_postgres

For Other Databases here you have the examples : http://www.datatables.net/development/server-side/

PS: remember to set "bServerSide": true , "bProcessing": true and "bPaginate": true

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