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I'm building a mountable engine that is dependent on another 'core' (unmounted) engine that I have written.

In my container app's Gemfile I add the core engine and the optional engine's git repo's.

In my mountable engine, where should I add its dependencies on the 'core' engine to be used in the dummy app for testing? (rspec)

I tried adding this in the mountable engine's gemspec:

require "my_core"
s.add_dependency "my_core", :git => "https//github.com/me/my_core.git"
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I am doing this by declaring the dependency in the engine Gemfile

    gem 'my_core', path: File.expand_path("../../my_core", __FILE__)
    gem 'my_core', git: 'https//github.com/me/my_core.git'

The LOAD_GEMS_FROM_LOCAL lets me load the other engine from the filesystem, so I can develop both engines at the same time.

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Yes I added it to the engine's Gemfile and at the top of engine.rb added require 'my_core/engine' yehudakatz.com/2010/12/16/… –  rigyt May 28 '13 at 8:43

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