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Is there an after_activated callback or a good way to implement it for the Spine.Controller?

I am using Spine Stack Manager, I found the active class is actually set when active function of the controller is completed/returned. So there's no interface for me to do something after the html content of the controller is set to show.

There's something I need to do like reseting the height of some elements, which require the corresponding elements to be showing.

Is there a way to do that?

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I just found a solution, implement active callback in the Stack Manager controller. It is called AFTER the controller is really set active, and I could get the activated controller instance.

Like the following:

class App.Main extends Spine.Stack

  className: 'stack'

    normal: App.NormalMode
    cool: App.CoolMode
    crazy: App.CrazyMode

  default: 'normal'

    '/normal': 'normal'
    '/cool': 'cool'
    '/crazy': 'crazy'

  constructor: () ->

    @active (params) =>
      for controller in @manager.controllers
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