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I'm currently working on a Wordpress web and i want to use a different template for a page when a user sees it on a mobile device. For example I have a page called Proyects that uses the template gallery.php but if somebody sees it in a mobile device the same page Proyects use the template gallery_mobile.php. I don't know if is something you put it in the template (ie page.php) or in the functions.php.

Thanks in advance!

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To check for mobile use wp_is_mobile, to perform a redirect, hook into template_redirect:

function so16778006_mobile_redirect()
    if( is_page( 'proyects' ) && wp_is_mobile() )
        include( get_template_directory() . '/gallery_mobile.php' );
add_action( 'template_redirect', 'so16778006_mobile_redirect' );
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