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In Android we have density-independent pixels (dp, sp) for dimensions and font sizes.

What is the alternative in html + phonegapp?

Do we need to make a separate layout for each size class (ldpi, mdpi, hdpi...)?

If the screen density is too high, can the app programmatically "zoom in" the Webpage (WebView), so that the font doesn't look too small?

P.S. viewport-percentage units vw and vh don't work in an Android webview.

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In CSS, px roughly equates to dp in Android. The difference is that px in CSS will take zoom levels into account, in addition to density. –  CommonsWare May 27 '13 at 17:42
@CommonsWare Is there a way to tell Android to use px instead of multiplying them by its density factor? –  edoardotognoni Aug 1 at 14:22
@edoardotognoni: If you are referring to px units in HTML content, I have no idea, sorry. –  CommonsWare Aug 1 at 15:47
I used a workararound and it's working now: stackoverflow.com/a/8614303/1617900 –  edoardotognoni Aug 1 at 15:49

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