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I have a C project containing a file myproject.module. It looks like some sort of build/make file. I would like to know which toolchain can interpret this file and build the project.

The file looks like this:

% comments look like this

Config.h ILUV_MNMS

    int remaining;

AlterRules in myproject s/-c /-c -DSOME_OPTION /

Make.cc somefile
Make.cc anotherfile
Make.cc manymore

Make.cat myproj.o somefile.o anotherfile.o manymore.o ../llibc/llibc.o

Object myproj.o
    Executable myproj stack 8196
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It is a Virata configuration file. You can load the file in vim and detect the filetype by using :set ft. The output for this file is:

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Thanks for the answer, but I cannot find a toolchain called virata. –  andres101 May 29 '13 at 10:40

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