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I have a big project that has multiple modules. It has a Webservice module too. When I run mvn clean install, in the target folder, I see a lot of xsd files created by the install command. I have gone through several examples in the web on creating web services using EJB3, JBoss, etc stack. But I do not see any mention of xsd files in any examples, especially with Maven.

  1. When and does Maven create xsd files?
  2. If answer for above question is yes, what is the specific plug-in that does that?
  3. It has created a WSDL file too? How does Maven install do this?
  4. Do we need xsd files for Web Services? Mandatory?
  5. Are there any examples that you can point me to?

Its EJB3, JBoss 4.x, JAX-WS Webservice.

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Please post your pom file. –  Karthikeyan May 28 '13 at 4:06
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