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I'm documenting an internal REST API written ini Scala, unfortunately we are not able to integrate Swagger, so for now we are going with an in-house solution for the doc generator. I would like to generate a JSON-Schema to show how the response is when getting our resources. I'm just wondering if there is any shortcut to do this by taking advantage of the case classes already modeled.

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I do like spray-json's approach a lot. Unfortunately, the examples I found are quite old. Check out here this.

If you only want the schema, you try to generate the JSON values from sample/mocked instances of your case classes.

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I'm sorry @pedrofurla but I don't see how can I get the JSON-Schema using spray-json. –  rbajales May 28 '13 at 14:19
Why the sudden down vote a year later? –  pedrofurla Mar 8 at 4:47
Anyways, quite a lack of imagination... –  pedrofurla Mar 11 at 7:30

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