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Here is a question about how Delphi querys the indexes from another schema in Oracle( The follow is the scenario:

There is a primary key(says myTablePK) of table "myTable", owned by A user, and my Delphi app. logons as B user who switches itself to A schema by setting CURRENT_SCHEMA=A on AFTER LOGON trigger. To identify the privilege we logon as B user and issue a query as follow , and it can successfully access the primary key of myTable:


------       -------------------
A            MYTABLEPK

HOWEVER, I cannot get any index from IndexName property of TTable. When I clicked the property and Delphi RAD informed me to provid a acct/pwd to logon Oracle, I did and it successed. There is no any index showing up when I click the IndexName property but an empty.

Any idea?

David, Regards

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Here is the enviroment: (1) DB: Oracle, hosted on windows 2003 (2) RAD: Delphi 6 with BDE 5.01 (3) Cient OS: Windows XP (4) Oracle client: 9i (ora92) –  user186360 Nov 5 '09 at 3:30

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TTable uses the BDE and requires the connection active on TDatabase for most drivers this should display the indexes

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It still does not show up the index list it "could" query. I wonder how Delphi query the indexes it could and show them in the indexName proprtty? Is it through something like 'user_indexes' view or other? –  user186360 Nov 6 '09 at 7:24

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