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I have this function I am working on below. I cast an array called "IDs" into the function and am having no problem with it in the first "if" statement, but when you enter into the "else" statement, "IDs" is equating as an integer. You can see what I mean in the console.log comments right after the start of the else block. Can you see why "IDs" does not remain an array?

Where parameter is cast into function (see console.log "Is ID's array?"):

$j('select').change(function(e) { //on changing the attribute input
        if ($j(this).find('option:selected')[0].text=='Choose an Option...')//see if there is a value in the dropdown
            $j('#vendorsButton').removeClass().addClass('vendorsButtonOff'); //Gray out the button and disable
            $j('#vendorsButton').removeClass().addClass('vendorsButtonOn'); //Enable and make it gold

            var items = $j('#attribute136').children().length;//for the length of the select list (children of select)
            //console.log("There are " + items + " children in select parent.");
            var IDs = []; //collect all of the vendor ids in an array
            for (var i=2; i <= items; i++)
                var text= $j('#attribute136 option:nth-child(' + i + ')').text();//get text of option
                var value= $j('#attribute136 option:nth-child(' + i + ')').val();//value of option for add to cart function
                console.log('Value to text is ' + value + ' : ' + text); 
                IDs[i-2]= value;
            console.log('Is IDs an array? ' + IDs); //returns "5,3"
            //insert quantity box
            $j('#vendorBox').append("<div id='qtyUpdateBox'></div");
            $j('#qtyUpdateBox').append('<label for="qty">Qty:</label>'); 
            $j('#qtyUpdateBox').append('<input type="text" name="qty" id="qty" maxlength="12" value="1" title="Qty" class="input-text qty" />');
            $j('#qtyUpdateBox').append('<a href="#" class="updatePriceButton" onclick="updatePrices('+IDs+')">Update</a>');
            //populate vendorBox
            $j('#vendorBox').append("<ul class='vendorList'></ul>");//make list 


The first function that the parameter is cast into (this time it is called, it works just fine):


            type: "POST",
            url: "/ajax_calls/vendorInfo.php",
            data: { 'vendorID': IDs} //if passing array doesn't work try to construct json object
            }).done(function(data) {
                var data= JSON.parse(data);
                //console.log('The data is for vendorinfo ');
                for(var i=0; i < IDs.length; i++)
                    //console.log('Data for ' + data[i].id);
                    $j('.vendorList').append("<li class='vendorListItem' id='" + data[i].id + "'><ul class='details" + data[i].id + "'><li class='vendorName'>" + data[i].id+': '+data[i].name+ "</li><li class='vendorDescription'>"+ data[i].description +"</li><li class='priceBlock'></li></ul></li>");//add text to list item
                    //instead we will call updatePrice, which will display table value prices and save applicable price when addtocart function called

                    $j('.vendorList').append('<div style="clear:both"></div>');

The function that the parameter is cast into when the "update" button is hit (when the function is called an integer is being cast into it not an array as it should) :

function updatePrices(IDs){
    var product_id= <?=$product_id ?>;
    //var price = <?=$_price ?>;
    var simpleArray = <?=json_encode($simpleArray)?>;
    var qty= $j("#qtyUpdateBox input").val();
    var colorSelected = $j("#attribute92 option:selected").val();
    //var IDs = IDs;

    if (qty==1){
        for(i=0; i<IDs.length; i++)
            var vendor = IDs[i]; 
            //CAITLIN you are going to need way to search for other attributes, GET list of attributes
            $j('.details'+vendor+ ' .priceBlock').append('<span>'+simpleArray[vendor][colorSelected]+'</span>');
        console.log('The Ids are ' + IDs.length); //equates to undefined
        console.log('The Ids are ' + IDs); //equates to "5"
        console.log('The Ids are ' + IDs[1]); //equates to undefined
        //ajax call to obtain tier prices for each vendor id
                type: "POST",
                url: "/ajax_calls/updatePrices.php",
                data: { 'vendorID': IDs, 'product_id': product_id}
                }).done(function(data,IDs,simpleArray) {
                    var data= JSON.parse(data);
                    console.log('Range start is ' + data.tier2_range_start);
                    for(i=0; i<IDs.length; i++)
                        var vendor = IDs[i]; 
                        console.log('The vendor is ' + vendor[1]);
                        var basePrice = simpleArray[vendor][colorSelected];

                        if (qty < data.tier2_range_start){
                            simpleArray[vendor][colorSelected]= basePrice * qty;
                        else if (qty > data.tier2_range_start){
                            simpleArray[vendor][colorSelected]= (basePrice * qty) * tier2_discount;
                        else if (qty > data.tier3_range_start){
                            simpleArray[vendor][colorSelected]= (basePrice * qty) * tier3_discount;
                        else if (qty > data.tier4_range_start){
                            simpleArray[vendor][colorSelected]= (basePrice * qty) * tier4_discount;
                        else if (qty > data.tier5_range_start){
                            simpleArray[vendor][colorSelected]= (basePrice * qty) * tier5_discount;
                            console.log('Something went wrong');

                    $j('.details'+vendor+ ' .priceBlock').append('<span>'+simpleArray[vendor][colorSelected]+'</span>');
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That would mean that you aren't actually passing an array. – SLaks May 27 '13 at 20:23
Maybe you should show us how you're casting the array into the function, as the function does'nt really matter ? – adeneo May 27 '13 at 20:24
A collection does not have a length so perhaps your IDs is an object like {something:5} – mplungjan May 27 '13 at 20:25
there's likely some other function call to updatePrices which doesn't pass an Array like you're expecting - your problem's elsewhere ... – xandercoded May 27 '13 at 20:29
Okay guy's I put where the function is called above. See edit! Before I call the function IDs is logging as "5,3" – CaitlinHavener May 27 '13 at 20:34

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The issue is in this line:

$j('#qtyUpdateBox').append('<a href="#" class="updatePriceButton"     

This casts IDs to a string for usage in that attribute. (For an example, try console.log("anteater " + IDs);). You should probably setup an onclick listener programmatically.

$("#newElement").click(function() {
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Sweet, you were absolutely right! Thank you! – CaitlinHavener May 27 '13 at 21:04
sorry, but this is not how it works. If do something like var c = "text" + IDs doesn't overwrite IDs. – basilikum May 27 '13 at 21:04
Really that was the issue? Now I'm confused. Can someone please explain? – basilikum May 27 '13 at 21:05
She's calling the function updatePrices there, so it absolutely passes in the string-casted IDs when the button is clicked, even if the variable IDs is never edited itself. Keep in mind that updatePrices was the function she was having trouble with to begin with. – Kevin Schmid May 27 '13 at 21:05
Ah yes, of course. I'm sorry...I obviously didn't put enough thought in my comment. – basilikum May 27 '13 at 21:07

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