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I just downloaded Android Studio in for linux:


I'm wondering how to print to the console?

Neither System.out.print() nor Log.e() using android.util.Log seem to work

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Those should "print" to LogCat, just as they do on Eclipse. –  CommonsWare May 27 '13 at 20:42

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Just click "6: Android" button near "4: Run" button in the bottom status bar. It will show Logcat console.

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Android has its own method of printing messages (called logs) to the console (known as the LogCat). When you want to print something to the LogCat, you use a Log object, and specify the category of message. The main options are:

  • DEBUG: Log.d
  • ERROR: Log.e
  • INFO: Log.i
  • VERBOSE: Log.v
  • WARN: Log.w

You print a message by using a Log statement in your code, like the following example: Log.d("myTag","This is my message");
Within Android Studio, you can search for log messages labelled myTag to easily find the message in the LogCat. You can also choose to filter logs by category, such as "Debug" or "Warn".

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