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I would like to generate pdf forms with radio buttons and submit buttons in it by using Ruby on Rails. Does any one know if there is a Gem that can help with this task? I've looked into Prawn, wicked_pdf, and PDFKit but they don't seem to have this feature. Currently I am just using Acrobat Pro to create my pdf and insert the form but would like to automate this with a Gem if possible. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

EDIT I just found 2 gems that can help insert radio buttons, check boxes, etc. while generating a pdf in rails. prawn-blank and prawn-forms. It doesn't seem like they are being maintained anymore but they should still be useful. Hope this is useful for others attempting to automate generating interactive pdf files too.

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There's also RTeX. That works well if you're willing to translate to LaTeX first. LaTeX is a very good way to store marked-up documents. It just depends on how static each document is.

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I was thinking of using something like the prawn-forms gem but unfortunately this gem does not seem to have a way to insert radio buttons into the pdf. Does anyone know of any other alternatives? –  fvuong May 28 '13 at 20:52

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