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I've used Google App Engine, and as far as I know the only way to update my application files on Google's servers is to use the App Engine SDK. And as far as I know the App Engine SDK is a Mac or Windows package, which is not portable (requires installation on the local machine).

I need a portable version, or another way to update my application files on Google's servers using a Mac. I found this which purports to offer portable versions for Windows, but not Mac.

  1. Is there a way for me to use the App Engine SDK on Mac without installing?
  2. Is there any alternative way for me to update my application files on Google's servers?
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This is not where you looking for, but have a look at this post:

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I am only talking about the Python SDK here. You haven't said which .

Just use the linux SDK, and run that on Mac or Windows. I haven't used mac. But I do appengine development on Windows and Linux and have never used the Launcher. Just follow the directions for unix on windows. (Well change your file paths and slashes ;-)

The python SDK and dev server is all pure python.

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The Windows and OS X packages are just the the SDK and the GUI launcher. As far as I know the SDK is pure Python and portable. Either use the SDK that comes with installer or download the SDK alone.

The linux version on the documentation download page contains only the SDK, or get it on the Google App Engine googlecode project (it will be called

Simply download the SKD, extract it somewhere (on my Mac, I link it to /usr/local/google_appengine because some script like nosegae expects it there, but it's not necessary). The SDK doesn't need to be installed, doesn't need to be in path. You can run from the SDK directory or using the absolute path.

Below is the Makefile I am using to run and upload an app (with make serve and make upload):

PYTHON=$(shell pwd)/venv/bin/python

.PHONY: serve upload test

    open "http://localhost:${PORT}"
    ${PYTHON} ${APPSERVER} --port=${PORT} ${SRC}

    ${PYTHON} ${APPCFG} --oauth2 update ${BUILD}

    cd  ${SRC}; ${PYTHON}
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