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I have a css table that looks exactly the way I like it however the last row has instead of a 200px height a 214px but I have no idea where this is coming from. All images used are 200px in height and the css is also making use of that number.

This is what it looks like and the code is this:


.table{display: table;width:800px;margin: 0 auto;}

.table img{border: none;}

.row{display: table-row;}

.col{display: table-column;}

.cell{display: table-cell;}

#kioskos{background-image: url('../img/thumbnails/kioskosnet.jpg');display:block;width: 250px;height: 200px;}
#kioskos:hover{background: url('../img/hovers/kioskos_h.png');}


<div class="row">
                           <div class="cell"><a id="kioskos" class="fancybox" rel="group" data-title="'Kioskos.net' Company's main website design. First
approach to web design." href="assets/img/fotos_grandes/kioskosnet1.jpg"></a></div>
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It's because you have a &nbsp; in your last cell, that is positioning below your images. remove it or use

.cell {
     display: table-cell;
     vertical-align: top;
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Thanks! This fixed it. –  Tsundoku May 27 '13 at 22:53

can you please post an url to the original web site?

with the information you provide, I can tell that probably the image is being vertically "centered" because the "extra" px are coming from the top and bottom of the table.

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