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I'm managing a project with Spring roo, and i'm using hibernate, when i try to use this controller methode i have this exception message: could not initialize proxy - no Session


Here is the controller method:

public @ResponseBody List<Map<String, Number>> lossAndPorfit(){
  return journalService.getTotalLossAndProfit() ;

and the service method that cause the exception

public BigDecimal getReservationsProfitPerYear(int year) {
    BigDecimal reservationsprofit = new BigDecimal(0) ;
    if(vehicle == null){
        log.warn("vehicule is null") ;
    Set<Reservation> reservations = vehicle.getReservations() ;
    Iterator<Reservation> iterator = reservations.iterator() ;
        Reservation current = ;
        GregorianCalendar calendar = new GregorianCalendar() ;
        calendar.setTime(current.getStartDate()) ;
        if (calendar.get(Calendar.YEAR) == year){
            reservationsprofit = reservationsprofit.add(current.getAmount()) ;
    return reservationsprofit;

Why i have that exception even if i annotate my service method with @Transactionnal, i looked at the applicationContext.xml file and found this line

 <tx:annotation-driven mode="aspectj"
    transaction-manager="transactionManager" />

is it the mode="aspectj" part that cancel the effect of that annotation ?

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Got the same error and after reading this stackoverflow response I added the following to my web.xml which solved the problem:


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