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I wasn't sure how to word this but here it goes.

I have all of my traffic going through an openvpn that I pay for on a mac (OSX 10.7.5) that is behind an Airport Extreme. Unfortunately for me I have a plex server on that same machine which can not be accessed externally because of the vpn routing. To clarify I'm trying to use myplex to share French movies, and pictures with family members over different devices and homes.

So all of my trafic currently goes through the VPN but I would like to remotely be able to access the myplex server on port 32400.

I believe it's as "simple" as bypassing the vpn for all incoming and outgoing connections on port 32400 but I have no clue how to do this.

I'm thinking ipchains somehow ? I have already done the port forwarding with the Airport Extreme and have tested that it works when the VPN is off.

Solution to this would be much appreciated and I know some grandparents that would love to see some old turn of the century French movies :)

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