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I'm displaying a list of Events using JSON. Below is the JSON data:

    "event_id": "1636",
    "event_name": "Nitelounge supported by Mo\u00ebt & Chandon",
    "event_start_date": "2013-05-27",
    "event_start_time": "21:00:00",
    "event_end_time": "05:00:00",
    "post_content": "Le Baron de Paris\r\n<div>Location:\u00a0Tokyo Aoyama, Japan<\/div>\r\n<div itemprop=\"address\" itemscope=\"\" itemtype=\"http:\/\/\/PostalAddress\">Address:\u00a0\u6771\u4eac\u90fd\u6e2f\u533a\u5357\u9752\u5c713-8-40 \u9752\u5c71\u30bb\u30f3\u30bf\u30fc\u30d3\u30ebB1<\/div>\r\n<div>Access: \u8868\u53c2\u9053\u99c5\u304b\u3089\u5f92\u6b695\u5206\uff0f\u5916\u82d1\u524d\u99c5\u304b\u3089\u5f92\u6b695\u5206<\/div>\r\n<div>URL:\u00a0<a itemprop=\"url\" href=\"http:\/\/\/\" target=\"_blank\"><\/a><\/div>\r\n<div>Phone:\u00a003-3408-3665<\/div>",
    "location_id": "21",
    "location_name": "Le Baron de Paris",
    "location_region": "\u6e2f\u533a",
    "logo": "<img src=\"http:\/\/\/mobile\/images\/club_logo_lebaron.png\" alt=\"NO IMAGE\" width=\"80\" height=\"60\" \/>"

I have an HTML page that populates the data within a DIV:

        type: "POST",
        url: "event_list_json.php",
        dataType: "json",
        success: function(data, dataType) 
            var $content = $('#content');
            for (var i =0; i<data.length; i++){
                $content.append("<div id='content'> <div id='space'> </div><div id='logo'>" + data[i].logo + "</div> <div id='info'> <div id='right-top' style='text-overflow:ellipsis; white-space:nowrap; overflow:hidden; vertical-align:top;'><span><h1>[イベント]&nbsp" + data[i].event_name + "</h1></span></div> <div id='right-middle'><span><h2>&nbsp"+ data[i].event_start_date + "&nbsp&#8226;&nbsp"+ data[i].event_start_time + "&nbsp-&nbsp" + data[i].event_end_time + "</h2></span></div> <div id='right-bottom' style='vertical-align:top;'><span><h3>&nbsp" + data[i].location_region + "&nbsp&#8226;&nbsp" + data[i].location_name + "</h3></span></div></div> <div id='button'><a href='#' onclick='btn_click(" + i + ")' ><img src='' width='23' height='60' /></div></div><hr style='height:2px; visibility:hidden; margin-bottom:-1px;' />");
        error: function(XMLHttpRequest, textStatus, errorThrown) 
            alert('Error : ' + errorThrown);

<div id="content"></div>

So, what I want to do is if the user clicks the 'button' then another DIV can load the 'post_content' from the JSON data.

Trying to load into this DIV:

<div id='panel_wrapper'> 
<div id='panel_button'><img src='images/panel_selected_close_arrow.png' width='23' height='60' /></div>
<div id='panel_content'>  
<div id='panel_logo'><img src='images/club_logo_default.png' width='80' height='60' />            </div>
<div id='panel_info'> 
    <div id='panel_right-top'>TOP</div>
    <div id='panel_right-middle'>MIDDLE</div>
    <div id='panel_right-bottom'>BOTTOM</div>
    <div id='panel_right-post'>POST</div>

"post_content" from JSON loads to + data[i].post_content + "

How would I do this correctly? I can't seem to figure it out.

Thanks guys for your posts. Still lost here.

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You need to design a clearer flow for your application. As it is, the page issues a single jQuery POST request when the document is ready, and upon success of that request adds a div for each top-level element in your JSON's data, all with the same id.

For a start, separate out the tasks you need the page to perform into multiple functions. At least, you should have a distinct renderData and getData functions, that can be called from various places in your code. Names are examples. Whatever naming convention makes sense to you is appropriate.

Once you have your logic in distinct named functions, instead of as anonymous event handlers, you can attach appropriate code to your button's click event to request / display more data.

Read-up on jQuery's ON method, and don't be afraid to ask clarifiying questions.

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event_list_json.php should echo out one specific record from your JSON array. Then you make an ajax call to it a from in a $(button).click handler, as well as from the $(document).ready handler. When you make the ajax call, you will need to specify the index of the record that you want to receive.

Also, a GET request would be more appropriate than a POST since you are not modifying anything on the server side when you make these requests; you are getting data.

Another thing to consider, is what to do if a new event is inserted into the JSON array between ajax requests. I would use a websocket to send an event to the client, but don't worry about that until you have your current problem solved.

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Seems like the correct path. I've updated my question. Can you take a look, please? – michelito May 28 '13 at 23:33
In $content.append, you shouldn't insert a new div#content into the div#content that contains all of the events. There shouldn't be any ids in the generated code, unless they have a unique string like the event number. Almost all of the ids in the generated code should actually be classes. Ids must be unique across the entire page. – Dan Ross May 29 '13 at 0:56

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