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I Have a field that should consist a currency, which is according to my Region is Indonesia which is IDR or Rp. and i build it with string.format like this :

 Dim price As Single = Single.Parse(Convert.ToSingle(lblAmountGV.Text))
 lblAmount.Text = String.Format("{0,C}", price)

but it give me a dollar sign. and i Change the code :

 lblAmount.Text = String.Format("Rp{0}", price)

but i didn't get the dot (.) and Comma(,) . so I change the code again by using FormatCurrency :

 lblAmount.Text = FormatCurrency(lblAmountGV.Text, , , TriState.True, TriState.True)

but it still give me a Dollar sign, later i found how to change the CultureInfo :

by imports :

Imports System.Globalization

and on my code :

 Dim culture = CultureInfo.GetCultureInfo(" id-ID")
    Dim format = DirectCast(culture.NumberFormat.Clone(), NumberFormatInfo)
    format.CurrencySymbol = "Rp."
    var number = Decimal.Parse(lblAmountGV.Text, NumberStyles.Currency, format);

lblAmount.Text = number

but it still give me an $ sign, how to change the $ programatically?

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When dealing with money, don't use the "Single" type, even if it seems large enough. Use the Decimal type. Always. –  Joel Coehoorn May 28 '13 at 3:08
@JoelCoehoorn Thank you for your correction. –  Sabilv May 28 '13 at 3:12

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I see a couple issues with what you posted -

this line is incorrect

String.Format("{0,C}", price)

You need to use a colon to add additional formatting arguments. If you want to format currency with decimal places than you also need to indicate the number of decimal digits. It should be something like this

String.Format("{0:C2}", price)

And this line has an extra space that causes it to fail with a CultureNotFoundException

CultureInfo.GetCultureInfo(" id-ID")

Should be


This code worked for me:

Dim culture As CultureInfo = CultureInfo.GetCultureInfo("id-ID")
Dim price As Double = 10.05

Dim result As String = String.Format(culture, "{0:C2}", price)

You can see it in action here

If you are familiar with LINQPad, you can paste the following into LINQPad and see the proper formatting without the dollar sign -

String.Format(CultureInfo.GetCultureInfo("id-ID"), "{0:C2}", 10.05).Dump()
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hey Thank you!! it works for me too :) –  Sabilv May 28 '13 at 2:43
thank you for your correction :) –  Sabilv May 28 '13 at 2:57
@SabilValdano : Teruskan perjuanganmu ..... –  matzone May 28 '13 at 3:13

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