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I have defined a function like this:

function [phi_D,phi_S,v_S] =libem2(n_D,p_D,n_S,vertpts_S,elemvert_S,alpha_S,beta_S,f_S)

Clearly libem2 takes in 8 arguments. This function is actually a helper function for another function named interiorsquaretest. So when I try to call libem2 in interiorsquaretest like this:

[phi_D, phi_S,v_S] =libem2(5,points,32,vertpts,elemvert,a,b,F);

I am getting an error saying:

Error using libem2
Too many input arguments.

Error in interiorsquaretest (line 73)
      [phi_D, phi_S,v_S] =libem2(5,points,32,vertpts,elemvert,a,b,F);

How is this possible! I am passing 8 arguments and libem2 expects 8 arguments! Please help.

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There's probably another libem2 function defined somewhere - either in another file, or in the same file that defines interiorsquaretest.

First, try running

which libem2

at the MATLAB prompt, from the same directory that interiorsquaretest.m lives in, and see if it gives the file that you expect. If it reveals another file, problem solved.

If not, look to see if another libem2 is defined in your interiorsquaretest.m file.

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You probably have another file, with the same name and different number of arguments, somewhere in your Path settings.

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