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I have created a Worklight application with the Android environment and tried running it. It is working fine in the Android Emulator but when I try to run it in an Android device it shows an error:

The application has unfortunately stopped

Can anybody help me regarding this issue?

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You have probably installed ADT v22. I have provided an answer for this problem in this question: worklight auto-generated android folder does not run on avd

This happens due to a change Google has made in this version of ADT. It affects users of ADT v22 only. Worklight will have a built-in fix for this in Worklight v6.0.

In the meanwhile, follow these instructions (on a per-project basis):

  1. Right-click on your generated Android project and choose "properties"
  2. From the left pane, choose "Java Build Path'
  3. Tick the "Android Private Libraries" checkbox
  4. Refresh the project / re-build the app

The app should now successfully launch in the device.

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