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I have a record type, for example:

 Record matrixInt : Type := mkMatrixInt {
    const : vector nat dim;
    args : vector (matrix dim dim) argCnt

I have a pattern matching where it returns the type of matrixInt, I called it p for example: (where function_name p will return a type of matrixInt. I want to separate p into 2 fields: const and args, for example the draft code I want:

Definition my_function cons arg p :=
match function_name p with 
 | const => const + cons
 | args => args + arg

Could you please help me to write the pattern matching for p that returns 2 fields const; args ? Thank you very much!

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For the record (pun intended):

Record test :=
{ T : Type
; t : T

(* The fields names are indeed accessor functions *)
Definition foo (x : test) : T x := t x.

(* you can destruct a record by matching against its data constructor *)
Definition bar (x : test) : T x :=
  match x as _x return T _x with
  | Build_test T' t' => t'

(* You can even destruct a record with a let *)
Definition baz (x : test) : T x :=
  let (T', t') as _x return T _x := x in t'.
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Thank you I have found the answer:(const p) and (args p)

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