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I've got my project separated into folders. Two of this folders are src and tests.

  • src contains main.cpp and its own makefile
  • tests contains tests.cpp and its own makefile

Up until now, I only compiled and ran tests.cpp, but now I need to be able to compile main.cpp and run it, as a separate program. How do I achieve this?

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1.Please refer this link to create, manage and run configuration for C++ programs.
2. To manage the property of the program refer this link
3. To make target refer this link.

You can define configuration in your eclipse and run them separately.

Go to Run-> Run Configuration and declare your own configuration depending on nature of the applicaiton. The image below specified how to create a new configuration for Java program. You can do the same for c++ program as well.

Once you have that dialog box. You need to do right click to create a new configuration.

enter image description here

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You can do so by adding a target for each file that you want to compile and then add them to the build settings of your project. Have a look at the following link about using makefiles in Eclipse:

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