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I would like to see the output : system.out.println() on 'log file' to sun glassfish enterprise server v2.1.1. I found this on Oracle doc :

Log Options The Administration GUI provides the following two logging options:

Option 1 — Log stdout (System.out.print) content to the event log

Option 2 — Log stderr (System.err.print) content to the event log

When these options are set, stdout and stderr messages are written to the server.log file. (The event log is a syslog daemon on Solaris and Event Log on Microsoft Windows.)

If the above options are not set:

Anything written to stdout or stderr (that is, using System.out or System.err) will not appear in the logs.

But, I can't find this option. I can't see syso on consol on eclipse, so Is it possible to see output syso when I deploy my appplication ?

Thank you.

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