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I am using express.js as a webserver and would like an easy way to separate all the "app.get" and "" functions to separate files. For example, if I would like to specify get and post functions for a login page, I would like to have a login.js file in a routes folder that is dynamically loaded (will automatically add all of the files without having to specify each one) when I run node app.js

I have tried this this solution!, but it isn't working for me.

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The linked solution looks like it should work; can you paste your implementation? – furydevoid May 28 '13 at 6:17
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var express=require("express");
var app=express();
var fs=require("fs");
var routePath="./routers/"; //add one folder then put your route files there my router folder name is routers
fs.readdirSync(routePath).forEach(function(file) {
    var route=routePath+file;

I have put below two routers in that folder


     res.send('/ called successfully...');


  res.send('/upload called successfully...');
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@anonymousfox still u fin any difficulty let me know. – sachin May 28 '13 at 6:24
Thanks @sachin for the help. I managed to get something working, but it is a little different than the solution that you provided. When I tried passing a relative route "./routers/" into fs.readdirSync, I received an error saying that the directory doesn't exist. If I did the same thing but used __dirname + "/routes", it was able to work. The second problem I encountered was that mac osx was creating .DS_Store files in my routes folder. When the routes were being added, this file was being parsed and it ended up throwing an error. To fix this I added a check to see if there was a .js ext. – anonymousfox May 28 '13 at 19:46

I ended up using a recursive approach to keep the code readable and asynchronous:

// routes     
processRoutePath(__dirname + "/routes");

function processRoutePath(route_path) {
    fs.readdirSync(route_path).forEach(function(file) {
        var filepath = route_path + '/' + file;
        fs.stat(filepath, function(err,stat) {
            if (stat.isDirectory()) {
            } else {
      'Loading route: ' + filepath);
                require(filepath)(app, passport);

This could be made more robust by checking fro correct file extensions etc, but I keep my routes folder clean and did not want the added complexity

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