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I am deriving from ApplicationSettingsBase to store our users settings, however when the build number gets incremented the app uses a new settings folder, and so the old settings are lost. What is an appropriate way to deal with the situation of shared settings over different build numbers.

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Have a User setting called Upgraded, boolean that defaults to false. Then do a check:

  if (!Properties.Settings.Default.Upgraded)
    Properties.Settings.Default.Upgraded = true;
    Trace.WriteLine("INFO: Settings upgraded from previous version");

This will upgrade the settings from the previous version if it's the first run of the new version.

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i used this code in my settings objects constructor public MySettings() : base() { if (this["Upgraded"] == null) { //this is the initial load, so upgrade the settings this.Upgrade(); this.Upgraded = true; } } works great. cheers. – Aran Mulholland Nov 5 '09 at 23:15
In case you were wondering too, the upgrade method will take whatever the previous version settings were and override the current version settings. Hence why you need a flag, rather than just upgrade every time. – mike Nov 6 '09 at 0:34

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