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I am currently migrating all TinyMCE plugins to CKeditor and having trouble with InsertInline plugin.

In TinyMCE I have a code like this:

(function ($) {
Drupal.wysiwyg.plugins['insertinline'] = {

   * Return whether the passed node belongs to this plugin.
  isNode: function(node) {
    return ($(node).is('img.wysiwyg-inline-image'));

   * Execute the button.
  invoke: function(data, settings, instanceId) {
    alert(Drupal.t('This is a pseudo plugin/button.\nIt does not insert an inline image.\n\nPlease use the INSERT button from the image upload fieldset.'));

   * Replace all <!-- INLINE:xxx;w=x;h=x --> tags with images.
  attach: function(content, settings, instanceId) {
    that = this;

    // Replace inline images with physical image
    content = content.replace(new RegExp('<!-- INLINE:([0-9]*);w=([0-9]*);h=([0-9]*) -->', 'gi'), function($0, $1, $2, $3) { return that._getPlaceholder($1, $2, $3); });

    return content;

   * Replace images with <!-- INLINE:xxx;w=x;h=x --> tags in content upon detaching editor.
  detach: function(content, settings, instanceId) {
    var $content = $('<div>' + content + '</div>'); // No .outerHTML() in jQuery :(

    $.each($('img.wysiwyg-inline-image', $content), function (i, elem) {
      altText = ' ' + Drupal.checkPlain(elem.getAttribute('alt')) + ' ';

      if (elem.parentNode && elem.parentNode.parentNode && elem.parentNode.tagName == 'H2') {
        // Moving the current element to left side of H2 tag 
        elem.parentNode.parentNode.insertBefore(document.createComment(altText), elem.parentNode);
      else {
        elem.parentNode.insertBefore(document.createComment(altText), elem);
    return $content.html();

   * Helper function to return a HTML placeholder.
  _getPlaceholder: function (fid, w, h) {
    if (!fid) {
      fid = '';
    if (!w) {
      w = '240';
    if (!h) {
      h = '240';

    // Grab image detail data
    var imgData = Drupal.cnngo_inline.getInlineImageDetail(fid, w, h);

    // Build and return image tag
    return '<img src="' + imgData.src + '" alt="' + imgData.alt + '" title="' + imgData.title + '" class="wysiwyg-inline-image" width="' + w + '" height="' + h + '" />';

How it works:

Let say I uploaded a 600x600 px image and I inserted it in the WYSIWYG area by default it will insert an img tag

enter image description here

When I click the "Insert" button as described in the image. It will insert img tag like this

<img class="wysiwyg-inline-image" title="Inline image 240x240" src="http://mydomain.com/sites/default/files/styles/inline_image_temp_240x240/public/2013/05/28/600x600_1.png" alt="INLINE:142879;w=240;h=240" width="240" height="240" data-mce-src="http://mydomain.com/sites/default/files/styles/inline_image_temp_240x240/public/2013/05/28/600x600_1.png"> 

See the image below.

enter image description here

Now if I'm going to detached the editor (clicked the Switch to plain text) the img tag is replaced by

<p><!-- INLINE:142879;w=240;h=240 --></p>

enter image description here

And it will show the img tag (will render the img) when I turned the editor back on.

Can someone point me in the right direction of what is the equivalent of detact/attach in Ckeditor.

I spent hours in Google but can't find the exact answer (maybe my question is not right).

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It'd be easier if you describe what those methods do in TinyMCE. –  Reinmar May 28 '13 at 7:22
@Reinmar...In tinymce when I detached the editor (switched to source) the img tag will be replaced by this "<!-- INLINE:142879;w=240;h=240 -->" then when I turned on the editor again it will show the image. –  ninjascorner May 28 '13 at 7:45
@Reinmar I updated my post. –  ninjascorner May 28 '13 at 8:03
Hm... You haven't found anything because CKEditor does not equivalent of this feature. You could pretty easily implement this using dataProcessor, but... why? What do you want to achieve using this? –  Reinmar May 28 '13 at 8:12
You uploaded too much screenshots. Please, keep your question as short as possible. Otherwise, no one will read it. –  Reinmar May 28 '13 at 8:13

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