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In zf2 form I have created a element like

  $receivePerson = new Element\Select('receivePerson');
                ->setAttribute('class', 'required');

No I need to add another class attr value like error from view file.If I add error class value in form then my all code snippet like this.

$receivePerson = new Element\Select('receivePerson');
              ->setAttribute('class', 'required error');

I use this code but it does not show any expected result.

$element->setAttributes(array('class', 'error'));

After that I change my code and write like this

$element->setAttribute('class', 'error');

but it shows only error and my required class value has gone. what is the appropriate solution I don't find yet.

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Are you making sure you call prepare after you make your changes to the element and before the form is rendered?


You don't have to use the Element object to change this, there's a simpler way to do what you want using plain ond html to write out your forms:


    <?php $class = XXXX ? 'one' : 'two'  ?>
    <?php echo $form->get('receivePerson')->getLabel() ?>
    <input class="<?php echo $class ?>" type="text" 
           name="<?php echo $form->get('receivePerson')->getName() ?>"
           value="<?php echo $form->get('receivePerson')->getValue() ?>"
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I could do my expected result like this way $element->setAttribute('class', 'error'.$element->getAttribute('class'));. Here you show a new technique that is also nice. –  Mehedi Hasan May 28 '13 at 8:32

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