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My shapes drawn by shape renderer does not show when I use skins. The shape is drawn inside the actor using an instance of ShapeRenderer. I think this is caused by the skin because I tried adding an empty table and the shapes show, but if I add an instance of a skin the shapes does not show.

This code is from the libgdx tests in github:

Skin skin = new Skin(Gdx.files.internal("data/uiskin.json"));

Label nameLabel = new Label("Name:", skin);

Table t1 = new Table();
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you need to .end() the SpriteBatch befor using the ShapeRender.begin() after the ShapeRender.end() you need to call SpriteBatch.begin() in your actor. Else you do have 2 concurenting batches.

actor.draw(SpriteBatch batch, float delta){
   ShapeRender.begin(Some Typee);//start it with your shapetype
   //drawing stuff with the shaperender
   ShapeRender.end();//dont forget to end it
   batch.begin(); //need to be started again for the next actors to be dawn

An empty table shouldnt be a problem.

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