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AutoGeneratedKeyType is defined in breeze.debug.js. However, now that I'm using DataService, I now also have to include the file breeze.dataService.webApi.js

Now when I call the method saveChanges(), I get an error in this file on the line :

 if (e.entityType.autoGeneratedKeyType !== AutoGeneratedKeyType.None) {

in the method prepareSaveBundle

The error is "AutoGeneratedKeyType is undefined". It seems this enum is only known to the file breeze.debug.js. Could that be a bug ?

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Are you running from the zip on the Breeze site or directly from GitHub? The GitHub version is a work in progress and will have bugs. The zips on the Breeze site are full releases.

There should never be a reason to include breeze.dataService.webApi.js unless you are using breeze.base.xxx.js. Instead, just use breeze.js or breeze.min.js. These are a bit larger but include all of the adapter libraries.

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I use breeze.debug.js from the zip file. Don't I have to use dataServices.webApi.js since I'm using DataServie ? I have noticed that if I change the code to breeze.AutoGeneratedKeyType, then it works. Is that what I should do in the dataServices.webApi.js and dataServices.odata.js files ? –  Sam May 28 '13 at 8:52
ok, for some reasons I thought I had to include these files, but now it seems to work fine with just breeze.debug.js. I must have done something silly earlier on... –  Sam May 28 '13 at 9:40
References to all Breeze classes need to be prefixed with a "breeze.". Typically, we create 'aliases' at the top of each module to make the code less verbose. i.e. var AutogeneratedKeyType = breeze.AutogeneratedKeyType and then we just use the 'short' version. If you don't do this then you will need to prefix all of your refs. –  Jay Traband May 28 '13 at 17:18
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