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Need your help in such a specific situation. I use Selenium framework for testing the application, which based on "ext js" library. There are 2 trees of elements. I need to move an element from one tree to another element in the second tree. I use dragAndDropToObject(xpath1,xpath2); I can see that method takes 'xpath1' element, tries to bring it to the 'xpath2' element and no result - the element 'xpath1' comes back to the previous place. It seems like the method doesn't see the pointed object, doesn't release a taken element on that. If I use another method of Selenium - f.e. click(xpath2); - it clicks on the pointed object, so the problem is in dragAndDropToObject.

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I think you'll have to extend selenium by the user-extensions.js file.

Drag & drop selenium tests have been made on the SweetDEV RIA open source tag library.

You may find a very interesting method (Selenium.prototype.doDragTo) on the SweetDEV RIA SVN repository.

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