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I have a route which is for reading items from JMS queue and writing them into DB.

I have read the documents about Apache Camel JMS component but I did not get the exact and clear answer of my question, which is "Does a JMS Consumer re-insert the item or unlock the message in the JMS queue if some exception occurs in a route?".



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You can read about transactions here:

A JMS consumer in transacted mode will keep the message in the queue, until the TX is committed.

If the TX does a rollback, then the JMS Broker will redeliver the message again. You can configure the JMS broker to do this X times, and if still failing move the message to a dead letter queue.

This is JMS broker specific how its configured out of the box etc. For Apache ActiveMQ see details at:

If you have a copy of Camel in Action book then this is covered in much more details in chapter 9. Figure 9.6 illustrates how all this work.

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Thnx Claus, valuable info – Neron May 29 '13 at 6:12

As mentioned in other answers too, there are few things to remember:

  1. Camel provides only a javax.jms.MessageListener impl to Spring. Its Spring's DMLC (DefaultMessageListenerContainer) and related classes which are doing all the heavy lifting.

  2. Definition of a Camel route actually registers a listener instance which will get invoked in a try-catch block by Spring later on when DMLC will receive a msg from JMS broker. That means your consumer route is always invoked in context controlled by Spring.

  3. If there are un-handled errors in route, Spring will catch them and will "rollback". If the route completed successfully, Spring will "commit" the JMS message which means msg will be removed off broker queue.

If you wish to understand whats happening underneath in detail, read this post:

Hope that will help.

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