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I am using DBPropperties.properties for configuring my Database properties. Later i changed that to DBPropperties.properties_BKP and create another DBPropperties.properties file.

But in my logs still the configuration things i mentioned in the DBPropperties.properties_BKPfile is coming along with DBPropperties.properties file?

Am not getting why it is picking the values from the *.properties_BKP files. Am running my application in Tomcat 6.1, java version 5. Theni remove the DBPropperties.properties_BKP from Tomcat.6.1/webapps/myapplication/WEB-INF/classes/ its not coming and working fine. What is the reason for picking the values from a file ends with an extension other than properties?

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Look at your Tomcat/work/Catalina/<localhost>/<WebApp> folder, probably it's a redeploy issue. – mauretto May 28 '13 at 8:16

Make sure that you properly close the file after reading the properties. Otherwise, the web server might be unable to delete the file when you redeploy.

Next, check the Tomcat/work/Catalina/<localhost>/<WebApp> folder for any old copies. If you have problems, stop Tomcat, delete the folder for your webapp and redeploy. If that solves the problem, check your code for file handle leaks.

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thank you sir. Initially i dont delete my tmp and work folder.But second time i deleted both folders and run my application and it is working fine. Thanks for the answer – Arundev May 28 '13 at 11:45

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