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I try to make a reusable Horizontal splittable panel in GXT 3.

I found this post. I adapted with sencha.gxt imports and I came up with this solution :

public class WestCenter extends BorderLayoutContainer {

  private ContentPanel westPanel;
  private ContentPanel centerPanel;

  public WestCenter(){
    westPanel = new ContentPanel();
    centerPanel = new ContentPanel();

    BorderLayoutData westData=new BorderLayoutData(800);
    westData.setMargins(new Margins(0,5,0,0));

    BorderLayoutData centerData=new BorderLayoutData();
    setWestWidget(westPanel, westData);

  public void setWestHeadingText(String text){

  public void setCenterHeadingText(String text){

  @UiChild(tagname = "westContent")
  public void setWestContent(Widget widget){

  @UiChild(tagname = "centerContent")
  public void setCenterContent(Widget widget){


I have a very weird behavior : I can drag the split bar from right to left but not from left to right. Hence, the dragging from right to left cannot be undone!

Any ideas?

I tried:

  • centerData.setSplit(true)
  • centerData.setMargins(new Margins(0,0,0,5))

... without success.

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The answer was in the javadoc:

When split = true, it is common to specify a minSize and maxSize for the region.

The default values for minSize and maxSize were actually far too small.

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